Educational Visits

Our children love having the opportunity to go on school trips and it is often when some of the best learning happens. We know that hands on experience is an essential part of education and pride ourselves on providing as many opportunities as possible for our children to learn outside of our school grounds.

We like to do lots of trips in all year groups, whether out and about locally or further afield. Each year group will take part in at least one educational visit off-site which is linked to their current curriculum. Children also take part in a range of visits as part of their Religious Education. During Year 6 there is also a residential trip to France for those who wish to take part.

We also aim for as many children as possible to attend enrichment trips which nurture a child’s developing interest or talent in a particular area of the curriculum. We also have excellent links with our local secondary schools and often take part in workshops or activities led by the secondary staff and children.