Eco Warriors

At Snodland Church of England Primary School, our Christian values underpin everything that we do. One of our values is Stewardship; we are thankful for the world and the life that God has given us. We help to protect and preserve our beautiful planet by abiding by our Eco Code:

Our school has an Eco Committee which is overseen by Miss Head and run by its pupil, staff and governor members. It is however, led predominantly by our pupil members – the Eco Warriors - who were nominated by their class as children who are extremely passionate about protecting our planet and who aspire to make changes within our school.

At the start of the year, the Eco Committee conducted an Environmental Review and identified many areas in which we excel; such as how clean our school is and the efforts in which we go to re-use school equipment rather than ordering new. Our new Science Garden is creating many learning opportunities as well as providing habitats for a number of animals and insects.

Action points were highlighted as a result of the review and the Eco Warriors have been involved in developing ideas of how to address these. One of the main action points for the school, is to reduce its energy use. The pupils have already designed posters to remind staff and children to turn off appliances when not in use and use other methods where possible. We will also be takin part in ‘Switch Off Fortnight’; we will be working extra hard to use less electricity and will also have a ‘No Electricty Day’ where it will be completely banned! Eco Warriors will record the school's energy use before and after the campaign to see if it's made a difference.