Year 6 Roles


Our Christian values underpin everything we do - two of these are unity and love. Our buddies demonstrate these values by supporting the younger children on the playground; they ensure the younger members of the school are happy and help them, once the bell has gone, to get to class on time.

Peer Mediators

To demonstrate the Christian value of Peace, all Year 6 children received peer mediator training; 12 children were then selected to become our schools Peer Mediators. These children aid younger members of the school by allowing them to talk about incidents on the playground and resolve any issues. The Peer Mediators ensure that all children, involved in the incident, have the opportunity to discuss their views and ensure that the incident is dealt with in a respectful way. ‚Äč

Play Leaders

We are very lucky at Snodland CEP School to work with such wonderful children who have a love and desire to help others. This is evident through our use of children play leaders at lunchtimes who offer support to the younger children, encouraging them to join in activities and games they have planned for them. We have a team of 10 children play leaders who absolutely love their job of promoting active lunchtimes and are such incredible role models to those they support.