Collective Worship

Every day, we join together as a school for Collective Worship. Our Worship plan is derived from guidance taken from the Rochester Diocese. Our Worships are distinctly Christian and follow Christian liturgy, including a greeting, a reading, a hymn, a prayer and a sending.
A weekly timetable of Worship usually looks like this:
Monday - Singing worship, learning and discussing hymns and how they reflect our Christian beliefs and values
Tuesday - Worship led by Mrs Bentley, introducing the weekly theme
Wednesday - Family Worship led by Rev. Mandy Young, parents and carers are invited to join us for our Family Worship each week - classes from Years 2-6 also prepare a Bible reading for our Family Worships
Thursday - Family Trust or worships led by whole classes or one of our Children's Leadership Groups, including Leading Lights
Friday - Celebration Worship, when we join together to celebrate and reflect on all of our achievements from the week, praising God and thanking him for the talents, skills and opportunities he has provided us with
In addition to Worship, we also have three Church services to celebrate Christian festivals: Harvest, Christmas and Easter. At the end of the year, we also have a special service to say goodbye to our Year 6s.
To see when individual classes are leading Bible readings during Family Worships or whole class Worships, please have a look at our Worship timetable.

Worship Plan Cycle A 2018-2019


Leading Lights

We are a group of children from Year 2 to Year 6 who are responsible for Worship and Reflection in our school.

We meet together regularly to discuss a range of things within our daily school life. These include: planning and leading Worship, evaluating Worship and monitoring the use of Reflection Areas within our classes and around school.

We work together as a team to ensure that Worship is a strong part of our school.

You can view our worship plan for 2018-19 here.