Art & Design

Art and DT inspire the imagination. Children have the chance to communicate their feelings, knowledge and ideas in their own original pieces of work.

Art and DT encourage thinking. Children consider the world around them from different perspectives. They reflect on their own likes and dislikes before using their insights to make decisions about the piece of work they want to create.

Throughout their time at Snodland CEP School, children have the opportunity to discover the world, both past and present, through art. By exploring different artists and art styles, children will gain an insight into cultures, lives and beliefs from around the world. The children will be taught a range of skills that will demonstrate progression throughout their school years.

Here at Snodland CEP School, we aim to create an inspirational art curriculum. Children will have the opportunity to get involved with a range of art projects across the year. We have identified MAT children (More Able and Talented) who are part of a children’s creative curriculum group. These children will be responsible for organising competition.