Home Learning

Home Learning gives the children the opportunity to reflect on, consolidate and apply learning.


This has a positive effect on their progress and begins to make them responsible for their own learning; an important skill for their future.

Home learning challenges will be set during the holidays and will be a fun and creative project. The activities set will enable your child to show their creative side and record their pieces in a way that they wish. These can include: drawings, photographs, models, written, videos and PowerPoint to name a few.


Learning to spell is a key skill which helps your child with both their reading and their writing.  Each week they will be sent home a list of words to practise, and we really appreciate your support in rehearsing these with them.  These words are sent home every Monday and will be tested the following Monday, with results being sent home so that you can see how your child did.

The Superhero Spelling Challenge

This term we are running a spelling competition to give our children a bit of extra motivation!  The Superhero Spelling Challenge rewards children based on how many more words they can spell by the end of this term compared to the beginning.  Teachers have carefully chosen words which are frequently used but misspelt in our children’s learning so that practising these spellings will have a direct impact on their writing.  Please help your child to practise their spellings at home so that they can earn a bronze, silver, gold or platinum certificate at the end of the term.


Reading is taught for half an hour each day as well as being embedded within English lessons.  We encourage our children to be “Active Readers” and based our reading teaching around nine key skills:

Children also have “Reading for Enjoyment” time, where they are given the chance to read materials of their own choice and to read to their class teacher.

Parents support our teaching of reading by listening to their children read at home.  Home reading books are changed daily and there is constant communication between home and school through reading journals.  The main scheme used for home reading books is the Oxford Literacy Web, which we supplement with a number of other schemes to ensure that children are provided with reading material at the appropriate level.  These other schemes include Fun with Phonics, Rigby Stars, Oxford Reading Tree and Project X.  When children are sufficiently proficient in reading, they move from these schemes to being a “Free Reader”, making their own choices about what to read.  Teachers regularly hear their children read their home reading book in order to ensure that they are reading texts at the right level for them. 


All children will receive a Maths task or English, Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling (EGPS) task once a week. This task will be based around the learning the children have been completing in class and will be used to check and consolidate their understanding.


All children will receive a Maths task and an English, Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling (EGPS) task on a Wednesday, to be returned by the following Monday. These tasks will be based around the learning that has been taking place in class and will be used to check and consolidate their understanding.

My child is struggling with their home learning - what should I do?

If your child is struggling with their home learning, then please speak to your child’s class teacher who will be more than happy to help.  You can also communicate any difficulties to your child's class teacher by writing a message in their book.